Thermoplastic Composites

The superior properties of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites create next generation products, affecting the everyday life of everyone.

From light-weight automotive and aerospace parts, impact and corrosion resistant wind blades to durable hockey sticks. The widespread application possibilities are yet to be discovered.


Do more, with less


  • High strength
  • High impact resistance
  • Corrosion resistance

Profitable manufacturing of products


  • Material savings
  • Energy savings
  • Integration in existing production processes
  • Weldability

Reduce carbon footprint


  • 100% recyclable

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic UD Tape

The days of CFRT are here

Dry prepregs of continuous fibers impregnated with thermoplastic polymer used to be only applied in high-end application in aerospace and defence. Nowadays, application of CFRT UD tapes grows significantly in automotive, industrial, transport and other industries. New materials are developed and produced to match market demand.

“Low-end and high-end CFRT UD
tape to match your application.”
CFRT UD Tape material
Fiber Resin
Glass PP PPS
Carbon PC PEI

The process

From UD tape to lightweight products

Raw material

Wide UD tape


Narrow UD tape

UD tape placement (ATL & AFP)

Tacked laminates

Consolidation & forming

Semi-finished consolidated parts

Processing & subassembly

Finished parts

Finish & final assembly

End application
“Our challenge is to develop reliable, automated and efficient production machinery for mass production of CFRT UD tape components and laminates.”